Bruce enthrals his audiences with not just a phenomenal level of technical brilliance, but perhaps even more importantly, with an apparent instinctive ability to absorb and understand, then master and consummately deliver all of the musical styles that inspire him.

Bruce’s performances and workshops demonstrate the diversity of his chosen instrument.  His use of the guitar to become its own orchestra, and his unique style of playing bass, rhythm and melody simultaneously has led to standing ovations and sell-out concerts all over the world.

His live shows are a renowned experience, one that he continues to bring to major concert and festival stages worldwide including the Edinburgh Festival, Glasgow International Jazz Festival, Nashville Guitar Festival, France’s International Guitar Festival, and many more.



Bruce will be presenting a masterclass for guitar students, approximately Grade 4 and above, on Friday, 29 May from 4 pm.

This is free for Conservatorium-enrolled students. Registration must be completed by Friday, 22 May. Register by following the link below to Eventbrite, click on the Tickets button and scroll down to select Masterclass.