Experimenting with stories and sound

Eastwinds inspire students to harness their creativity by expressing their personal experiences through music. By drawing on their own diverse cultural and musical backgrounds, Eastwinds create a sound that is uniquely theirs. In this special program, teachers and students are given the tools to create connections to each other by making music on the spot.


Musica Viva brings some of Australia’s best musicians into schools, providing interactive and engaging live music performances. Musica Viva In Schools is proud to present a range of culturally and musically diverse ensembles with some of Australia’s best musicians. In addition to their live in-school performances, they also offer live-online performances.



Musica Viva offers access to these fantastic performers at heavily discounted prices for schools - as little as $6.50 per student. Home-schooled families are encouraged to attend (please contact the Office for registration). More information is available on the Musica Viva website

Small schools are invited to bring students to the Chapel Theatre at the Conservatorium on these dates to participate in these concerts.