From Near and Far

Join David Lockeridge on a journey through an explosive new Percussion Program

Featuring music from Near and Far you will hear John Psathas’s electrifying marimba Concerto Djinn written about Genies and their tricks. You will also hear works by Gerard Brophy, Diana Blom, Ivan Trevino, Bach and Ross Edwards. Joining David on this journey will be leading Australian Drummer Cameron Gregory to perform Diana Bloms energetic duet Ziggedy Bop written for eight concert toms. Guitarist Anthony Walmsley will join David to perform the iconic Australian composer Ross Edwards beautiful duet, Djanaba.

Featuring music from Australia, America, Greece and New Zealand this will be a journey you will not want to miss.



Dave and Cameron will be presenting a masterclass for percussion and drum students on Saturday, 5 September at 2 pm.

This is free for Conservatorium-enrolled students. Registration must be completed by Friday, 28 August. Register by following the link below to Eventbrite, click on the Tickets button and scroll down to select Masterclass.