Small Schools Concert

Indonesian Gamelan

Makukuhan are a dynamic mini-Gamelan orchestra, whose performances are a riot of colour and rhythm, including pitch-bending drums, a mesmerising masked dance and unbelievably rapid Javanese clapping. Gamelan features a series of bronze gongs and metallaphones which are integral to Indonesian culture. Students will be captivated by the pattern-based sequences and are able to explore the difference between interlocking and unison musical concepts.




The concert was sublime! Well carried out by performers. Children were entranced." Teacher from St John Vianney Primary School


Schools with less than 150 students are invited to register for this concert, presented by Musica Viva in Schools, as well as access Musica Viva’s accompanying resources. This is offered at the heavily reduced price of only $5 per student.

Interested schools can Book Online.

More information about how this concert links to learning areas of the Australian Curriculum can be found at


BOOKINGS OPEN NOW - please contact the Office for more information