Sensory Concerts

Sensory Concerts® is the brainchild of Grace Kim: a concert pianist and a mother with a fierce determination to make quality music accessible to all, without fear of social judgement. When her oldest son was diagnosed with High Functioning Autism, she noticed there was a lack of live high-quality concert opportunities for families with sensory and additional needs, commonly associated with Autism, ADHD, physical and intellectual disabilities.

Sensory Concerts is a series of high-quality classical concerts for children and adults with sensory/special needs. An internationally respected concert pianist and music educator, Grace Kim and her colleagues perform to small audiences in accommodating spaces, giving children and adults the opportunity to hear and see live music without feeling overwhelmed.

Presented in association with Musica Viva Australia


Tickets are available online from Eventbrite or from the Office

0-6 years:

People with disabilities:

Tickets are offered at the very affordable price of $5 per attendee, parents and carers may accompany attendees at no additional cost