About Us

Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music is the premier music education facility in the Tamworth Region, and one of 17 Regional Conservatoriums in NSW

Brass BandThe Conservatorium provides outstanding instrumental and vocal tuition to approximately 1000 students of all ages in the community of Tamworth and the region.

Every effort is made to keep fees at an affordable level and the Conservatorium provides numerous scholarships and bursaries to ensure that financially disadvantaged students are given equal opportunity to realise their talents.

Our highly skilled teachers provide individual, group and ensemble tuition to members of the community, ranging from early childhood to adult students, and our programs are designed to cater for a range of abilities from beginner to advanced.

The Conservatorium provides strong support to other community organisations through involvement in their activities, particularly by providing musical ensembles for various community functions.

Numerous workshops and master classes are offered, providing excellent opportunities for students to expand their musical knowledge and understanding. These are conducted by visiting musicians who are considered to be leading exponents in their chosen fields. Many professional musicians visit the Conservatorium each year resulting in an exceptionally high standard of presentation to the students.

The Conservatorium conducts a variety of activities including concerts, recitals, master classes and workshops that are available for community participation. It is one of a number of community services which attracts people to relocate to Tamworth in order to pursue career and business opportunities. Many such families look to the availability of such services as a condition of their relocation in order to satisfy lifestyle needs.

Since its establishment in 1984 the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music (TRCM) been housed in the former Dominican Convent building.

The TRCM is a Company Limited by Guarantee and the responsibility for the Conservatorium is vested in a skills-based Board of Management, all members of which serve in an honorary capacity. Running of the organisation is assumed by the Conservatorium Director. The Conservatorium gratefully acknowledges the ongoing support of the Department of Education as well as additional support from the Tamworth Regional Council and the Tamworth Foundation for Musical Education, as well as the business and private sectors of the local community.