Childhood Music

The early childhood music program is a fun introduction to your child’s musical education with a holistic approach; building on concepts gradually, with respect and awareness of each child’s development and individual growth.

This is achieved through a specially designed combination of non-melodic and tuned percussion instruments, exploration, puppetry, songs and rhymes accompanied by piano and ukulele, dance and free creative movement, imagination and humour, games, discussion and problem-solving, exposure to an eclectic range of recorded music; and later introducing basic notation and an understanding of more complex aspects of music-making.

The program utilises many elements of the Kodaly and Orff Schulwerk approaches to teaching young children music. These are based on activities which children already like to do naturally, like vocalise, chant rhymes, echo, dance, clap, bounce, etc., directed into learning music through hearing and playing music in a play-based environment first, then reading and writing it later.



  • Foster an individual interpretation and love of music and performing arts;
  • Provide a foundation for future musical development;
  • Develop an understanding of basic concepts of music;
  • Provide opportunities for families to share and   enjoy music with each other; Prepare the child for learning a musical instrument in the future;
  • Develop self-expression and creative communication of ideas, in a friendly new environment with peers.

As well as developing musical skills and awareness, the program fosters growth in all other areas of development, i.e. social and emotional, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills and coordination.



There are five stages of the program:

3 months to 12 months

This group is a gentle introduction to music classes and an opportunity for parents to expose their baby to rhythms, melodies, voices and instruments in a nurturing and supportive environment.       

1 to 2 years

This group requires a parent or caregiver to remain with them as they need individual attention and support. This program will develop confidence and encourage creative participation, and is also a special time for parents and toddlers to share the learning experience.

This age group also requires a parent or caregiver to participate with the children. We use a variety of percussion instruments and puppetry, and we sing and listen to an eclectic range of recorded music.

This group will further develop understanding of musical concepts, challenging the children, and encouraging more active participation. Parents are welcome to stay and observe, though some children at this age are able to concentrate better, and are more willing to participate if the parent is not present.

However, you know your child and will be the best judge as to whether to stay or leave.

For children going to school next year

As children in this group tend to concentrate better if a parent is not in the room, it is preferable that parents are not present. The 4 - 5 years program flows on from the previous classes, introducing basic notation and understanding of more complex aspects of music-making, using a large variety of non-melodic and tuned percussion, singing, puppets and imagination.



We are now taking enrolments for 2024. To secure your spot, please complete a 2024 Enrolment Form online – new students welcome! (includes preferences for Early Childhood Music 2024)

Contact the office for more information.