ESTAMPA – Concert

Friday March 22, 2024
5pm – 6.15pm

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World tour on a musical passport

This concert presents an eclectic mix of music from various cultures and genres. The band takes the audience on a musical journey, beginning with a lively Swedish contemporary folk cover of Väsen, followed by a sultry French gypsy bossa. The band also showcases their ability to weave together traditional and contemporary sounds, with a Swedish traditional wedding polska.

Emotive performances of French chanson and an original composition inspired by African music highlight the band's musical prowess, while a unique interpretation of Vivaldi's Presto movement from Summer captivates the audience with its distinctive instrumentation. The concert pays homage to the band's roots with a Swedish traditional folk ballad and features beautiful renditions of a Latin American folk ballad from Argentina and an Italian bossa nova.

The concert concludes with an original folk composition and Brazilian choro, followed by a French chanson based on a Peruvian waltz and a unique arrangement of a Norwegian folk piece. This concert promises a diverse and captivating experience, showcasing the band's unique musical style and arrangements.