Scholarship Conditions of Entry


Entry Forms must be completed no later than 2pm on Friday, 27 September 2024. There is no entry fee. Late entries cannot be accepted.



The Scholarships are not means-tested and are open to Vocalists and Instrumentalists in the Northwest Region. Students who are not currently enrolled at the Conservatorium are encouraged to apply. Please see the requirements listed on the main Scholarship page for requirements for each scholarship. Failure to observe these requirements will result in disqualification.

Scholarship recipients will be ineligible to enter the same Scholarship competition for four (4) successive years. If a Scholarship recipient wishes to enter the same Scholarship within this 4-year period on a contrasting instrument (e.g. Flute and Trumpet), prior approval from the Director is required.



The Scholarship recipient will receive one 30-minute lesson per week at the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music for the duration of the Conservatorium year; such lessons will be delivered by a Conservatorium-employed teacher. It is expected that above-average progress will be maintained throughout the year. In addition, the Scholarship recipient must:

  • Perform as a featured soloist at the annual Conservatorium Showcase concert;
  • Participate in Conservatorium masterclasses, workshops and other activities, as requested by their teacher;
  • Participate in at least one Conservatorium ensemble at the discretion of the Director, free of charge;
  • Attend a minimum of three concerts presented throughout the year by the Conservatorium, free of charge; and
  • Enrol as a student at the Tamworth Regional Conservatorium of Music for the duration of the Scholarship. Should the Scholarship recipient choose to cease lessons at the Conservatorium for any reason, the Scholarship will be withdrawn immediately.



Accompaniment is obligatory, except for candidates playing the Piano or in the case of an unaccompanied original work. Conservatorium-enrolled students will be allocated a Conservatorium Accompanist. External students may engage the services of an External Accompanist or request to be accompanied by a Conservatorium Accompanist by contacting the Office (in which case a current Conservatorium Enrolment Form will be required).

Rehearsals with Conservatorium Accompanists may be organised by contacting the Office. It is recommended that students have a minimum of two (2) rehearsals with their accompanist prior to the Scholarship performance.



It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure they are performing from an original or copyright-compliant score (e.g. a score that is out of copyright). A photocopied page may be used to overcome a turning problem. An original or copyright-compliant full score for the accompanist and a licensed photocopy of the full score (including accompaniment) for the adjudicator’s use must be submitted with the entry form.



The Scholarship auditions will be presented in an open concert style with friends and family encouraged to attend. The adjudication will take place at the Conservatorium on Saturday, 26 October, 2024. The adjudicator’s decision will be final, and dialogue or correspondence regarding the adjudication or final decision is not permitted.